The Exciting Theme Days in Iittala

  • Brings together the warming workshop and the excellent dining to the breath-taking experience
  • Culminates in the cozy atmospheric storytelling music soirée

Warm Welcome!

On Saturday 7th March 2020

•Intuitive Painting Workshop at 1.00 pm (3 hours program)

Hosting by artist Liisa Rasinkangas

•Vegan Dinner at 6.00 pm

•Music Soirée  at 8.00 pm

Löytöretki pyhään  - The Sacred Music Adventure in the Village

All-day Price  85 €

On Friday 27th November 2020

•The Flow of Speech – Workshop for a Strong and Impressive Voice

At 1.00 pm (4 hours program)

Hosting by Liisi Pettersson, Voice and Performance coach MA, Ääniluotsi

•Vegan Dinner at 6.00 pm

•Music Soirée  at 8.00 pm

Balladin kaikuja - Ideas from Storytelling Music and Traditional Ballads

All-day Price  168 €

Address: Kylätalo, Hollaajantie 3, 14500 Iittala.

Buy tickets online:  Tickets to the Theme Days

Single tickets: Painting Workshop 35 €, The Flow of Speech - Workshop 120 €, Dinner 45 €.

Concert tickets also at door: (15/13/7€, Family 40€)

Information available in English and Japanese. Do not hesitate to call and ask more.

Email:    Phone +358 44 344 7455/ Outi

Vegan Dinner

The dinner will be prepared and served by inspirational vegan food expert Mariia Ruusunlahti. All the dishes are diverse, colourful, delicious and completely gluten free and vegan. Come and enjoy!

For nine years Mariia Ruusunlahti has been constantly trying to find ways to increase the proportion of vegan food in the people’s kitchens.   

”Majority of the people I meet are telling me they’d like to eat more plant based food   -  if only they had more knowledge and skills for cooking it. I’m preparing food with a big heart and I’m always happy when my dinner has encouraged my guests to try to cook vegan food themselves at home.”

Buy tickets: Tickets to workshops and Tickets to Vegan Dinner and Tickets to Music Soirée


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Customer Service

Phone: +358 44 344 7455 / Outi Vinkki, Email:

Iltamat Iittalassa, VAT-number FI14618012

Events in spring and in autumn 2020 were pilot projects aiming to develop a suitable concept for future events for groups such as work teams and travel groups. We appreciate all feedback from the events and in general. 

The theme days were a product of several independent entrepreneurs. ’Iltamat Iittalassa’ is registered company that was received CreMa-support for companies in the creative industries provided by AVEK (The Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture), OKM (Ministry of education and culture). Prices and terms only apply to these particular events.

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